Eric M. Huot is a reputable, highly respected and recognized Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) expert with 30 years of distinguished service as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). He has been described as a visionary who has led the modernization of Canada’s law enforcement organization in OSINT. In 2019, Eric was awarded the RCMP Commissioner's Commendation for Outstanding Services, a highly distinctive honor; recognized for his dedication in creating the RCMP's Open Source Intelligence Program. As a discipline leader, Eric developed and implemented the RCMP OSINT policy making the practice an accepted and integral component of all criminal investigations today.

His knowledge and extensive operational experience spans across a broad range of disciplines, including high performance team management, training, high profile criminal investigations, special operations, national security, cyber intelligence and information technologies.  He developed, led and managed not only the RCMP's Tactical Internet Operational Support Team for over 12 years but also the 2018 G7 Joint Intelligence Group (JIG) OSINT integrated unit in Charlevoix, Quebec.

He is an accomplished and engaging instructor who speaks passionately about the topic of OSINT, both as a practitioner and a manager. He has inspired many over the years and has had a positive influence on some of the largest law enforcement organizations globally.

​He is an advocate of public safety and privacy. As a Private Investigator in the Province of Ontario, he believes in making use of information responsibly. He strives to find the right balance between technology and critical thinking when planning or executing any strategy.

Through his Ottawa, Canada based company, Eric is highly committed to offering quality professional services to the public and private sectors, big or small and in both official languages. His company follows a leadership charter that embraces innovation, creativity, collaboration and the delivery of agile and realistic, credible OSINT solutions for any industry.


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