Start honing in on your critical thinking skills and learn how to conduct effective online research & investigations by selecting any of the three standard training packages* below.

*Designed for the Public Sector

We're going back to the basics.  Even the most experienced OSINT practitioner can benefit. Whether you want to learn new things  or simply  want to correct old habits, we'll help you build on a solid foundation!

This is an excellent segue  from the fundamentals and a real confidence booster.  It can also be taken as a standalone. We' ll go beyond the Surface Web & delve deeper into the OSINT trade craft.   

Let's try to decipher fact from fiction through case studies.  We'll look at  OSINT trends, new technologies & Web platforms. We'll tinker under the hood, understand the risks and our limitations; maybe get a bit geeky!  

Due to COVID-19, all in-class training have been suspended

until further notice.

Check out our distance learning options.


Invest in your employees; people first...always. Choose from any of the standard packages above or negotiate a course syllabus to suit your needs.

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