Have you ever spent time on the Internet shopping for the perfect gift; seeking the best source and the lowest price? What about looking for a great family doctor? Or planning a vacation online?  Chances are, you spent a considerable amount of time searching, reading reviews, collecting data, comparing products, bookmarking and making notes before making a final decision. 


Even if you only scratched the surface, at a personal level, you likely developed basic skills of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and didn’t even realize it.   


OSINT is not new. References to the practice of researching publicly available information can arguably be traced decades. For example, during World War II, military researchers, without computers, would collect and analyze mass amounts of information and used their critical thinking skills to evaluate available information at a tactical level for use on the battlefield. 


OSINT has evolved considerably over time. Ultimately today, we are defining OSINT as a passive discipline where an analytical process is applied following the collection of publicly and legally available information from the Internet as a primary source. This process is used to generate results and investigative leads of potential evidentiary value and/or produce actionable intelligence to support specific tactical and strategic objectives. 

Given the shear amount and access to information available on the Internet today, as well as rapidly evolving technologies, OSINT has become an extremely complex and specialized discipline.  This is where clic logic excels; at making the most effective use of information.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from using clic logic's suite of professional services;  government, law enforcement, legal, intelligence and cyber security communities, as well as the private sector. 


Having the right information, quickly, can give you a great advantage over your competition; in protecting your assets, investments, your brand and personnel security.


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